Our Style


From Prohibition through the mid-century, home entertaining was all about style.  Great attention was paid to details, from food and drinks offered to how they were artfully presented.  Glassware ranged from elegant Dorothy Thorpe platinum edged glasses to more modern and colorful styles from designers such as Fred Press, Georges Briard and Culver.

Drinks and food were plentiful at cocktail parties and were served with panache.  Cocktails were shaken in front of guests in stylish, elegant silverplate or sleek chrome shakers, from makers such as Chase, Farber Brothers and Manning Bowman, or were stirred in tall cylindrical glass pitchers embellished with modern designs.  Drinks were commonly served in small glassware.  By using small glasses, refills were part of the flow of the party causing hosts to interact more frequently with their guests.  In addition, by using small glasses, hosts would follow the “Rules of 3”: the best home cocktails involved 3 ingredients, contained 3 ounces and were consumed in 3 sips (ensuring that drinks never got warm).

Likewise, cocktail food was served on stylish platters and bowls.  Not everything matched in barware or glassware, which added to the art of the cocktail party and also added to the party fun.  In fact, Couroc, a maker of black resin trays with whimsical designs, had a slogan which stated: “Any tray can serve a drink.  Only Couroc can start a conversation.”

For today’s host and hostess, the modern cocktail party is picking up where the mid-century left off.  Home entertaining is all about being unique and having style.  And that’s what The Hour is all about.  By incorporating the artistry of cocktail items from the past, our vintage collection encourages sophisticated flair for today’s cocktail hour.