Our Vintage


With over 10,000 vintage cocktail-related items in stock, The Hour has one of the most extensive curated collections of vintage barware and cocktail glassware available in today’s marketplace.  We have been collecting these items for more than 25 years, purchasing our pieces solely from flea markets, estate sales and at auctions.  We take great pride in presenting the very best in vintage cocktail ware and in sharing our extensive knowledge about our vintage cocktail pieces.  The Hour only sells vintage items that are attributable to known manufacturers and designers of the past or that we know, because of their style, are attributable to the 20th Century.  Many of our vintage pieces are signed by designers or include the manufacturer’s hallmark.

We are very selective when purchasing our vintage barware and glassware and only sell mint or near mint quality items in usable condition.  Since our items are not new, we find that a certain minimal amount of age-related wear is appropriate.  The Hour will not sell any items that have chips, nicks, cracks or other structural defects unless noted in our description.  We only sell these “imperfect” items if they are truly rare in nature. 

Due to the condition and age of our items, we strongly recommend hand washing for all our vintage pieces.  Many of our items have 22k gold, sterling silver or painted overlays and dishwashers can remove these beautiful embellishments or make the glassware have a cloudy appearance.

If you have any questions about our vintage items or find that we have misrepresented any of our vintage goods, please contact us.