If you love our vintage barware and glassware at The Hour Shop but are looking for a more affordable and contemporary option, we have some really exciting news for you!

An entirely new American-made, Mid Century-inspired artisan glass and barware collection that you will be thrilled to explore is now available at our sister shop The Modern Home Bar.  The Modern Home Bar is all about bringing you beautifully designed vintage-inspired glassware suited for today’s lifestyle. 

Not only are The Modern Home Bar’s glasses dishwasher safe, the new range of their glass designs are digitally printed and pay homage to vintage designs while being sturdier, tougher and tailored to modern sensibilities.

Excited to learn more about The Modern Home Bar? In this post, we cover the story behind The Modern Home Bar, the benefits of this new line of glassware, and 11 of its durable vintage-inspired glasses made for cocktail enthusiasts who love vintage designs!

About The Modern Home Bar

Before diving into all the fabulous glassware available at The Modern Home Bar, it is important to understand the story behind it.

Here’s what Victoria Vergason, owner of The Hour Shop and founder of The Modern Home Bar has to say about her vision for the new shop, and why she created it:

Founder of The Hour Shop and The Modern Home Bar, Victoria Vergason


“I love to entertain and especially love the artistry behind crafting a good cocktail. 

Since I opened The Hour in 2009 customers have often asked me, “Do you have anything more durable and affordable than the vintage pieces you sell, but still have the same style or look?”

Selling primarily vintage accouterments for serving cocktails at home, I discovered that many of my customers wanted drinkware that had the look and design sensibilities of vintage, but without the hefty price tag and need for special care. 

They wanted vintage looking glassware that was more affordable and suited for today’s lifestyle, including having vintage-inspired glasses that could go in the dishwasher!

I heard this so many times, I created a solution. 

Five years ago, I started making vintage-inspired drinking glasses in the United States. Since then, I have sold these glasses to over 215 retail stores all over the USA. They love it. 

Our glassware is durable, it’s cheaper than comparable vintage glass, and we have a wide selection of vintage-inspired designs to choose from.”

The Modern Home Bar’s Mission

The Modern Home Bar strives to elevate the home bar experience by  offering affordable glassware with the fun and elegant look of vintage glassware using modern technology.

Some of the benefits of investing in the new range of glasses available at the Modern Home Bar include:

Affordable vintage-inspired glasses

  • Cheaper than vintage glass and readily available.  Unlike vintage glass that is expensive, fragile and getting harder to find, our vintage-inspired glasses at the Modern Home Bar will last you for years and won’t break easily.
  • More affordable option for entertaining and serving drinks to large groups at cocktail parties and special events.
  • Great for gift giving at a lower price point than vintage.
  • Perfect size glasses for enjoying mixed drinks or sipping straight spirits while you’re at home.  They’re also great for mocktails.
  • Stylish look for your home bar or bar cart.
    Modern Home Bar's glassware is great for entertaining and home bar use.

    More durable than vintage glasses

    • Vintage glassware is typically made of thinner glass and is more fragile when compared to The Modern Home Bar’s glasses. As a lot of vintage glassware is also stemware, it’s more prone to falling over and chipping and breaking.
    • The new “blank” glasses used by Modern Home Bar are made in the USA and are of better quality than those currently produced overseas. They have thicker walls, weighted flat bases, and are chip-resistant. 

    Dishwasher Safe

    • The Modern Home Bar glassware is dishwasher safe (top rack only). 
    • The patterns on our glassware are digitally printed and not decals.  They will not fade over time.

    Great for entertaining and general modern living.

    Entertain without fear when you use our sturdy artisan Mid-Century inspired glassware at The Modern Home Bar.
    • The Modern Home Bar’s standard size glasses make them perfect for serving both cocktails and mocktails. 
    • Don’t worry if you’re a teetotaler.  Our glassware can also be used daily for general drinking purposes including drinking your water, ice tea, lemonade, juice, soda and even milk!
    • The modern designs and colors on The Modern Home Bar glasses make them extremely versatile. They can be mixed and matched and are suitable for all decor styles.  
    • If you already have a lot of Mid Century or vintage glassware from The Hour Shop, you can also mix The Modern Home Bar’s glasses with them since they are vintage-inspired!
    Featuring The Modern Home Bar glassware collection

    **Watch the Youtube video here to learn more about The Modern Home Bar and the technology behind our new glassware and barware collection.

    Rocks Glasses: Durable Cocktail Glassware For Vintage Lovers

    Are you ready to experience the quality of our vintage-inspired glassware? If you love a well mixed cocktail at the end of the day to relax and unwind, we highly recommend starting with our Rocks Glasses collection!

    Our Rocks Glasses are the perfect size for straight spirits, neat or “on the rocks”. These straight-sided rocks glasses are designed with cocktails in mind. 

    If you like your Scotch, Bourbon, Rye, Whiskey, Vodka or Tequila served over ice or mixed in drinks, these glasses are just for you! The tumblers are also great to use as juice glasses, water glasses or for serving smaller amounts of any beverage of choice. 

    The designs on our Rocks Glasses include elements from nature or inspired by nature, such as waves, diamonds, flowers and breezeways. 
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    Inspired by Art Nouveau and our love for all things floral, our Purple Iris Rocks and Golden/Red Poppy Rocks are visually stunning glasses that will definitely enhance your cocktail drinking experience.

    Purple Iris Rocks

    Purple Iris Rocks Glass

    Golden Poppy Rocks

    Golden Poppy Rocks Glass

    Red Poppy Rocks

    Red Poppy Rocks Glass

     If you love geometric shapes on your glassware, we highly suggest choosing our Lapis Waves Rocks, Dots & Dashes (available in black and white colors) and Hypnotic Diamond Rocks (with white and blue color options) instead.


    Lapis Waves Rocks 

    Lapis Waves Rocks Glass

    Dots And Dashes Black Rocks ( You might also like Dots and Dashes White Rocks)
      Dots and Dashes Black Rocks

       Hypnotic Blue Diamond Rocks (You might also like Hypnotic White Diamond Rocks)
        Hypnotic Blue Diamond Rocks

        Shop Rocks Glasses here at The Modern Home Bar now.