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2018 Academy Award Nominees



 2018 Best Picture Oscar Nominees

It's Oscar Time and we could not be more excited! To celebrate the Best Picture Nominees for this years 90th Academy Awards, we carry on our tradition of picking our favorite barware and glassware to honor them. We truly believe that there is a glass, tray, or barware set for every occasion, and The Oscars are no exception! So without further ado, the nominees are.......


The Shape of Water

Vintage Lauscha Bimini Blue Glass Decanter Set

Vintage Lauscha Bimini  Decanter Set (Item 13026 / $850)
A sexy date night decanter set for Eliza and her aqua-man love!


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Vintage Frosted Gold & White Pony Pilsner Glasses, The Hour Shop

Vintage Frosted Pony Pilsner Glasses (Item 21257 / $280)
To class up Dixon's beer swilling a bit?
Vintage Art Deco Reverse Painted Black & White Sailboat Tray, The Hour Shop Home Decor
Vintage Art Deco Reverse Painted Sailboat Tray (Item 20672 / $275)
A perfect tray to serve victory cocktails on.


 Get Out

Vintage " Wait For Me ! " Frosted Running Toy Collins Glasses, The Hour Shop

Vintage " Wait For Me! " Frosted Collins Glasses (Item 16558 / $240)
Run run away from that creepy psycho family as fast as you can!


The Post

True Tonic Original Formula Tonic Syrup, Made in D.C., The Hour Shop Cocktail Mixers

True Syrups & Garnishes Original Tonic Syrup (Item 20959 / $21.50)
Made in D.C. just like the Post - and this syrup has no alternative facts!


 Lady Bird

Vintage Couroc 2 Birds Square Black Resin Tray, The Hour Shop Home Decor & Barware

Vinage Couroc Two Birds Square Resin Tray (Item 20535 / $60)
Birds of a feather may not always flock together, but they do
here on this Califonia made Couroc tray.
Phantom Thread

Vintage Couroc Gold Mushroom Rocks Glasses, The Hour Shop Barware

Vintage Couroc Gold Mushroom Rocks Glasses (Item 5043 / $180)
While some mushrooms are good, and some mushrooms are bad, these
Couroc Mushrooms Rocks are worries here!
Call Me By Your Name 
MCM Vintage Italian Blue Glass Pitcher & Glasses Set, The Hour Shop Barware
MCM Vintage Italian Blue Glass Pitcher Set (Item 17234 / $475)
Calling everyone for cocktails on a sunny Italian countryside patio!
 Darkest Hour

Vintage Strombergshyttan Round Cigar Ashtray, The Hour Shop Barware

MCM Vintage Strombergshyttan Round Cigar Ashtray (Item 21428 / $275)
An ashtray big enough for all Winston's war room cigar ashes.
We hope you enjoyed our picks!
All these " nominees" are available on,
and in store at The Hour. Cheers to all the nominees, and to a fun
90th Academy Awards Show!