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The Hour's 9th Anniversary Party!

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting a few of our supporters to celebrate The Hour's 9th Anniversary with a Cocktail Party!

        Victoria Vergason & Carolyn Dyro | The Hour Shop       

 Over the course of the last nine years we have seen incredible growth and expansion to include more than our vintage cocktail inventory; The Hour has become known across the country with features in the Washington Post, Better Home & Gardens, and many others, while developing books and publications published in house. We've also had the pleasure of refreshing the look of our second floor to be more useful as a showroom, while creating a space perfect for hosting morning meetings and evening cocktail hours. Our Anniversary Party was the perfect way to inform the public on the hosting possibilities in the near future!


  The Hour Upstairs Event Space | 9th Anniversary Cocktail Party with Brabo 

  The Hour Shop Upstairs Event Space | 9th Anniversary Party   

The Hour Shop Upstairs Event Space | 9th Anniversary Party with Brabo


To show just how perfect the boutique is for hosting, the Anniversary Cocktail Party began on the first floor with a Welcome Punch created by our talented bartender of the evening, Brett Oye, Head Bartender of Brabo. Inspired by local ingredients, Brett's flavorful punch recipe included locally made Element Shrub, and Richmond, Virginia based Belle Isle Moonshine

 Shrub Punch

2 Bottles Bols Genever
1 Bottle Belle Isle Honey Habanero Moonshine
1 Bottle Element Bluberry Rosemary Shrub
1 Bottle Element Blood Orange Saffron Shrub

Combine in punch bowl and top with 2 bottles seltzer water.

.Shrub Punch | Brett Oye, Brabo | The Hour Shop's 9th Anniversary Cocktail Party

 The drinks and demonstrations continued as guests traveled to the second floor to experience the new community table where Brett told the tale of the colonial Milk Punch. He constructed this beautifully layered cocktail with two more local ingredients - Kopper Kettle Chai Spice Rum from Belmont Farms Distillery in Culpepper, Virginia, and D.C. made Ginger Syrup from True Syrups and Garnishes. 

Brett Oye, Head Bartender of Brabo | The Hour Shop 9th Anniversary Cocktail Party

“All Chaied Up”

2 Bottles  Kopper Kettle Chai Spice Rum

1 Bottle True Ginger Syrup

1 Bottle Dashfire Mole Bitters

2 Quarts fresh pineapple
1 Quart fresh lemon
1 Quart fresh lime
1 Quart simple syrup 
1 Quart half & half

Combine all ingredients except half & half in large container.

Heat half & half until simmering, then pour directly into mixture.
Pour mixture repeatedly through cheese cloth and large chinois (8-9 times).
Pour once through coffee filter and chinois.
Serve chilled over ice.


All Chai'ed Up Milk Punch Cocktail | Brett Oye, Brabo | The Hour Shop 9th Anniversary Party

The last cocktail of the evening, the Bruja - Spanish for The Witch - was demonstrated using all vintage bar tools like our Napier Press & Release Jigger, which measures out the perfect ratios without wasting a drop. 

           Vintage Napier Press & Release Jigger in use at The Hour Shop 9th Anniversary Cocktial Party  

          Brett Oye, Head Bartender of Brabo | The Hour Shop 9th Anniversary Cocktail Party

La Bruja
1.5oz Mezcal
0.75oz agave nectar
0.75oz fresh lime
0.5oz True Ginger Syrup

Rinse a glass with a dash of Laphroig or other smokey scotch, set aside.
Combine ingredients in shaker and shake vigorously with ice.
Strain into prepared coupe glass. 

The Hour Shop 9th Anniversary Cocktail Party, Cocktails by Brett Oye, Brabo


With many more projects and expansions on the horizon, we know there will be even more for our extended cocktail family to fall in love with. We thank all of our loyal customers who helped us achieve these last nine years of growth, and can't wait to delight you with what the future has in store!

          Victoria Vergason Owner of The Hour Shop& Brett Oye Head Bartender of Brabo

Many thanks to Brett and his team at Brabo for their delightful hors d'oeuvres and creative cocktails! 

            Cocktails in Vintage Glassware featured at The Hour Shop's 9th Anniversary Party!  

          Vintage Napier Jigger & Barware featured at The Hour Shop's 9th Anniversary Party!

 Check out the video of our celebration here:

Cheers to the last nine years, and to many more ahead!