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9 Ideas for Celebrating Hanukkah!!
Oh, dreidel, dreidel, dreidel
I made you out of glass
And when you are all ready
I’ll play you on the grass.

If you’re looking for beautiful Hanukkah gifts, especially those made of glass, look no further!  We’ve got many wonderful items to help you celebrate the season, including:


#17909 Art Deco Cobalt Blue Cocktail Shaker Set, $850


#7139 Mid Century Silverplate Round Filigree Tray, $95


#17125 Set of 5 Art Deco Cobalt Blue Cocktail Stems, $180


#17825 Set of 7 Polka Dot Mercury Band Collins Glasses, $280


#8203 Art Deco Blue & White Checkered Tray, $275


#18172 Mid Century Mercury Fade Chip & Dip Set, $225


#12160 Art Deco Cobalt Blue Shaker & Ice Bucket Set, $550


#18221 1930s Nickel Silver Cocktail Shaker Set, $850


#15904 Mid Century Carlo Moretti Blue & White Cased Stems, $360


Wishing you and yours a Happy Hanukkah!!  For more wonderful holiday ideas, visit us at: