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Ring in the New Year!!

Start the New Year off in silver style! 

It’s time to ring in 2015!  Nothing says that you love to throw a great New Year’s Eve bash more than some sparkly accessories for yourself and for your home bar.  We’ve got some great ideas for you this new year:


#10864 Whiting Davis Silver Mesh Vintage Purse, $200.00


#17210 Silver / Frosted Pitcher & 6 Glasses Set, $350.00


#18295 ‘Town Crier’ Ringing Bell Cocktail Shaker, $395.00


#18164 Art Deco Frosted Glass Sterling Overlay Scotch & Rye Decanters, $900.00


#14297 Russell Wright for Chase Mini Pitcher, $475


#18286 Mid Century Dorothy Thorpe Sterling Band Roly Poly Glasses, $800.00


#15490 Vintage Rhinestone Wings Clamper Bracelet, $155.00


#18279 French Art Deco Cocktail Set – Tray, Shaker & 10 Stems, $2,200.00


#6510 Vintage Empire Style Chrome Cocktail Shaker, $275


Cheers to ringing in the New Year with style!!

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