Shop online all day everyday! 100% of our fabulous inventory is available online. We ship domestically through UPS. Local orders can be picked up at our physical retail store. Watch our Instagram page for our next in-store, pop up event!

We realize that everyone is taking the spread of the coronavirus seriously.  We are too.  We are seeking to ensure the health of you, our loyal and concerned customers, as well as our employees and their families. Due to the recent rise in Covid cases, The Hour is halting in-store shopping. To continue to serve you, we are continuing to expand our online presence at Our local customers can schedule a curbside pick-up of items by contacting us through our website to arrange local curbside pick-ups. 

While we love you browsing our store and our window displays, we hope you will also enjoy browsing our continuously growing website.  Though our store will be physically closed, our entire staff will remain busy photographing and adding hundreds more new-to-you products on our website.  For both our local as well as our out-of-town customers, we are excited to be adding so many of our unique items for online purchase.  We hope you’ll check back often to see what’s new

In addition, we have added a “Gift Card” option on our website for those wishing to support us by gifting gift cards to individuals who can personally pick from our one-of-a-kind vintage bar and glassware products.  We know these lucky individuals will appreciate your thoughtfulness, as will we. 

Finally, while many of you may not be frequenting your favorite local bars and restaurants, we encourage you to continue enjoying cocktails at home by either experimenting making new cocktails or returning to your favorite classics.  For those new to the cocktail scene or need a refresher, you can always check out our numerous cocktail tutorials on our website or cocktail recipes on our sister store The Modern Home Bar’s website.

We cannot thank you enough for your continued support, and for your support of all the other small businesses in our community that are finding their own ways of continuing to operate during this difficult time.