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Christie's Lates

October always finds us busily preparing for the upcoming holiday season and this year is no exception. We were happily surprised to find ourselves scurrying around preparing inventory for a special event as well. Christie's Late's is an exclusive opportunity for invited guests to tour the renowned Christie's galleries after hours while enjoying pop up exhibits, music and refreshments all centered around a theme. Held only a handful of times throughout the the year in major international cities, The Hour was invited to participate in the event highlighting the upcoming auction of the estate of Lee Bouvier Radiziwill in Christie's, New York entitled the Eclectic Collector.


.          Musicians at Christie's Lates New York | The Eclectic Collector | Lee Bouvier Radziwill Estate           Christie's New York Auction of Lee Bouvier Radiziwill | Christie's Late's             The Hour Vintage Glassware & Barware Pop Up at Christie's Lates, New York 2019     The Hour Vintage Barware & Glassware Pop Up At Christie's Lates, New York 2019
Putting together the collection together was the first part of the fun, as Lee Radziwill ( sister of Jackie Kennedy) was known for hosting wonderful parties as a New York socialite. We admire her philosophy of thoughtfully procuring unique and artistic items for use throughout  her home, meant to endure the test of time, in lieu of modern day 'disposable' goods. Entertaining well and doing it in style is our mission as well. For this collection we selected a variety of items that we simply adore ( our 'store favorites') from some of our favorite designers and makers. Spanning all the decades of The Hour's collection, here are some of the pieces we took with us to New York: 
Vintage Swedish Opaline & Smoke Glass Pinstripe Decanter Set | The Hour Shop
Swedish Smoke Glass & Opaline Decanter Set | $1,200.00
Vintage Fribal Green Marbled Gold Bar Tool Set | The Hour Shop
Green Marbled Handle Gold Bar Tool Set | $495.00
Vintage Gold Rim Blue Glass Hungarian Cocktail Pitcher Set | The Hour
Hungarian Blue & Gold Cocktail Pitcher Set | $825.00
Vintage Silver Plate Napier Saint & Sinner Double Jigger | The Hour Barware | Christie's Lates
Napier Silver Plate Saint & Sinner Double Jigger | $275.00
What an honor it was to display and sell pieces from our international collection of 20th century barware and cocktail glassware in the galleries that house some of the worlds finest collections!
The Hour Pop Up at Christie's Late's Lee Bouvier Radziwill The Eclectic Collector | New York